In each and every move that Wheaton is a part of, we put customer service as our top priority. Our service and quality are second-to-none among our military customers. The military and Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) tracks every shipment. Each carrier is given a score based on the shipment’s on-time pickup, on-time delivery and occurrences of loss or damage. Our goal is to provide nothing short of a “perfect” score.

State-of-the-Art Quality Program
Wheaton led the industry in establishing a monitoring mechanism for the military's Total Quality Assurance Program (TQAP). We continue to lead the competition with quality service at installations across the country. Our computerized shipment registration, planning and dispatching systems help ensure on-time performance. By effectively utilizing our computerized quality monitoring program, Wheaton is able to track all paperwork and immediately investigate "less than perfect" scores on every military shipment. Claims tracking and prevention training also allow Wheaton to keep service at the highest level possible.

Fully Trained Drivers
There's nothing basic when it comes to training at Wheaton. Our drivers receive extensive, ongoing instruction in handling military shipments. Their performance is continually monitored by Wheaton's military staff and internal Driver Quality Program. Wheaton also provides guaranteed compensation and performance-based incentive pay to promote excellent service.

Dedicated Staff
Wheaton's military department is staffed with management and support personnel who oversee all aspects of a military move. From order registration through billing, each phase of the move is monitored by a team of professionals for accuracy and service performance. This environment results in effective business practices, a direct line of communication and superior service.

Priority Servicing
To meet required dates for pickup and delivery, Wheaton's military and traffic departments coordinate efforts through our award-winning, computerized traffic system. A commitment from company management to provide top service to the valuable military account goes the extra mile in ensuring on-time performance.

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